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How To Black Out Text In Pdf Foxit

How To Black Out Text In Pdf Foxit. In this tutorial you will learn hide sensitive information like text and images in your pdf file.this tutoria. Click on protection tab to redact text in pdf.

How To Black Out Text In Pdf Foxit How to Guide 2022 from

Move to text field and select texts, or image you want to redact with the hand tool on the screen. Hit ‘finish’ and save the document. You will see a lot of editing tabs on the top like comment, pages, protection, and customize.

As For Foxit Reader For Linux,There Is No Night Mode Yet.

You can drag the cursor to blackout any text or image in your document. Rather than using a shape, you can also use our markup pen. Just set the color to black, adjust the thickness and then directly on your pdf, black out text freehand.

Select Protect > Mark For Redaction > Apply Redactions To Redact All Of The Marked Content In The Document.

You then select the color you wish to use to block out the appropriate content and apply redaction codes that provide the reason why the document needs to conceal the content underneath. The above instruction is applicable for foxit pdf editor/reader for windows desktop v11.0 and greater. After blacking out the content, you can also click the 'text' button in the 'edit' tab and add text in your pdf.

As Soon As You Click On Protection, New Options Will Appear On The Toolbar.

Choose the 'blackout' button in the 'tools' tab. A secondary toolbar will open immediately on top of the pdf file. It has a powerful white out function that will help you block sensitive text or images that contain sensitive text from being accessed by the public.

How To Redact Text In Pdf For Free?

With its help, after selecting the appropriate words, fragments of text or entire pages, the program will automatically remove this content from the document. Foxit pdf is the next redaction tool we are going to recommend. Another way to protect a document.

Select Protect > Redaction > Mark For Redaction, And The Hand Tool Changes Into A Cross Automatically.

Click on protection tab to redact text in pdf. How do i black out text in a pdf for free? Click on redaction and select mark for redaction.

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